Copy the XSLT to the .audit

Once the XSL Transform works as intended, copy the XSLT lines of interest (lines 5-8 in this example) to the .audit check.

xsl_stmt: "<xsl:template match=\"result\">"

xsl_stmt: "<xsl:for-each select=\"entry\">"

xsl_stmt: "+ <xsl:value-of select=\"name\"/>"

xsl_stmt: "</xsl:for-each>"

Each line of the custom XSL transform must be placed into its own xsl_stmt element enclosed in double quotes. Since the xslt_stmt element uses double quotes to encapsulate the <xsl> statements, any double quotes used must be escaped.

Note: Escaping the double quotes is important and not doing so risks errors in check execution.

/usr/bin/xsltproc {XSLT file} {Source XML}

In the next step you can see several examples of properly escaped double quotes.