This policy item checks if the file content matches the content provided by normalizing the values to use common newline, escaping patterns, and stripping white space from the beginning and end of policy text.




description: ["description"]

file: ["path to file"]

content: ["banner content"]

is_substring: [YES|NO]


The following are descriptions of the keywords:

  • file: The path and filename for the banner to reside in.
  • content: What you expect the banner to display. New lines in the banner are represented by adding an \n where the new line should be placed.
  • is_substring: An optional flag that supports the possibility of location specific information being placed in a banner. If set to YES, the expected banner can be a substring of the file content, and not require a full match.

Tip: For information about the parameters commonly found in Unix custom items, see Unix Configuration Keywords.




description : "Banner is configured in /etc/issue"

file : "/etc/issue"

content : "** No Unauthorized Access **"