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Custom Items

A custom item is a complete check defined on the basis of the keywords defined above. The following is a list of available custom item types. Each check starts with a <custom_item> tag and ends with </custom_item>. Enclosed within the tags are lists of one or more keywords that are interpreted by the compliance check parser to perform the checks.

Tip: Custom audit checks may use </custom_item> and </item> interchangeably for the closing tag.


AUDIT_SYSTEMVALUE audits the value of the configuration setting identified by systemvalue keyword. The type of comparison against the value being audited is specified by the check_type keyword.



systemvalue: "QALWUSRDMN"

description: "Allow User Domain Objects (QALWUSRDMN) - '*all'"

value_type: POLICY_TEXT

value_data: "*all"

info: "\nref : pg. 21"



The “SHOW_SYSTEMVAL” audit only reports the value of the configuration setting identified by the systemvalue keyword.



systemvalue: "QAUDCTL"

description: "show QAUDCTL value"

severity: MEDIUM


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