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MongoDB Keywords


Example Use and Supported Settings


This keyword provides the ability to add a brief description of the check that is being performed. It is strongly recommended that the description field be unique and no distinct checks have the same description field. Tenable’s SecurityCenter uses this field to automatically generate a unique plugin ID number based on the description field.


description: "Require Authentication – DB users –'User authenticated by MongoDB'"


The name of the MongoDB that the plugin connects to to get information.


info: 'admin.system.users'."


The MongoDB query.


query: '{"credentials.MONGODB-CR": {"$exists": 1}}'"


This is an optional field that allows selecting specific attributes from a result. This field the equivalent of “select attribute from database” from a traditional database.


fieldsSelector: '{"_id": 0, "user" : 1}'

The MongoDB audit also supports regex, expect, not_expect, and known_good keywords in its syntax.

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