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SalesForce Syntax

The syntax for this plugin and an audit are as follows:


description: "List SecuritySettings details"

settings_name: "SecuritySettings"


The following values for settings_name are allowed:

  • AccountSettings
  • ActivitiesSettings
  • AddressSettings
  • CaseSettings
  • ChatterAnswersSettings
  • CompanySettings
  • ContractSettings
  • EntitlementSettings
  • ForecastingSettings
  • IdeasSettings
  • KnowledgeSettings
  • MobileSettings
  • SecuritySettings

The plugin supports evaluation of output by:

  • xsl_stmt
  • regex/expect/not_expect
  • known_good

Example Queries

Simple example query:


description: "List user names"

query: "SELECT Name FROM User"


Look up example query that returns the Name of the user who created each user, instead of listing a GUID:


description: "List user names and who added them"

query: "SELECT Name, CreatedBy.Name FROM User"


Join example query that returns information from the PermissionSet assigned to the user, crossing two tables/object types:


description: "List user names and whether the permission set assigned to them prevents password expiration"

query: "SELECT Name, (SELECT PermissionSet.PermissionsPasswordNeverExpires FROM PermissionSetAssignments) FROM User"


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