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Verify the XSLT Transform Works

Verify your XSL Transform works with xsltproc. The general format for testing is:

/usr/bin/xsltproc {XSLT file} {Source XML}

Plugging in the sample file names from the steps above will return the following. This lets you know that the XSL Transform is correct and properly formatted, and that the data you expect is being returned.

[[email protected] ~]# xsltproc pa.xsl top-applications.xml


+ insufficient-data

+ ping

+ snmp

+ dns

+ lpd

+ ntp

+ time

+ icmp

+ netbios-ns

+ radius

+ source-engine

+ stun

+ rip

+ tftp

+ echo

+ portmapper

+ teredo

+ slp

+ ssdp

+ dhcp

+ mssql-mon

+ pcanywhere

+ apple-airport

+ ike

+ citrix

+ xdmcp

+ l2tp

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