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This built-in check ensures that the minimum password length enforced on the remote system is in the range <min>..<max>. Having a minimum password length forces users to choose more complex passwords.

Operating System



The minimum password length is defined as PASS_MIN_LEN in /etc/login.defs.


The minimum password length is defined as PASSLENGTH in /etc/default/passwd.

Note: This also controls the password maximum length.


The minimum password length is defined as MIN_PASSWORD_LENGTH in /etc/default/security.

Mac OS X

The minimum password length is defined as “minChar” in the local policy, defined using the command pwpolicy.



name: "min_password_length"

description: "This check examines the system configuration for the minimum password length that the passwd program will accept. The check reports a problem if the minimum length is less than the length specified in your policy."

value: "<min>..<max>"




name: "min_password_length"

description: "Make sure that each password has a minimum length of 6 chars or more"

value: "6..65535"


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