Customer Case Studies

The customer case studies describe Nessus Agent deployments in real customer environments. The case studies highlight key configuration and deployment considerations.

  1. ACME's environment consisted of 70,000 assets. ACME utilized the platform to manage agent scanning operations, and a single instance to manage 40 scanners and to provide unified analytics of both network and Nessus Agent assessment results.
  2. ACME

  3. Initech is a global organization consisting of 30+ sub-organizations, 40,000 users, 60,000 devices, and 150,000+ active IP addresses. Initech used a hybrid and Nessus Manager solution for managing Nessus Agents. was used for user workstation Nessus Agent scan operations, and Nessus Manager was used for servers and other permanent on-premise infrastructure. Initech then imported all Nessus Agent scan data into for unified reporting and analytics.
  4. Initech

  5. Sprocket utilized for Nessus Agent management and local scan and audit information, remote network scan functionality, and integration with their third-party applications via the API.
  6. Sprocket