Environment Variables

If you want to configure based on environment variables, you can set the following environment variables in the shell environment that is running in.

When you first launch after installation, first checks for the presence of environment variables, then checks for the config.json file. 

Linking configuration

Use the following environment variables for linking configuration:

  • NCONF_LINK_HOST - The hostname or IP address of the manager you want to link to. To link to Tenable.io, use cloud.tenable.com.
  • NCONF_LINK_PORT - Port of the manager you want to link to.
  • NCONF_LINK_NAME - Name of the to use when linking.
  • NCONF_LINK_KEY - Linking key of the manager you want to link to.
  • NCONF_LINK_CERT - (Optional) CA certificate to use to validate the connection to the manager.
  • NCONF_LINK_RETRY - (Optional) Number of times should retry linking.
  • NCONF_LINK_GROUPS - (Optional) One or more existing agent groups where you want to add the agent. If you do not specify an agent group during the install process, you can add your linked agent to an agent group later in Nessus Manager or Tenable.io. List multiple groups in a comma-separated list. If any group names have spaces, use quotes around the whole list. For example: "Atlanta,Global Headquarters"