Update a Nessus Agent

After you install an agent, Nessus Manager or Tenable.io updates the agent automatically.

Manual Updates

In certain cases, such as air-gapped or Internet restricted networks, you may want to download application updates manually.

Caution: When manually updating an agent, you must update to a newer version than your current version. If you want to downgrade to a previous version, you must first delete the destination folder where Nessus Agent was installed, then install the new package. Downgrading directly to a previous version is not supported.

To manually download agent updates:

  1. Visit the Tenable Downloads page.
  2. Click Nessus Agents.

    The latest application update files for agents are available.

  3. Click the application update file that you want to download.

    The License Agreement window appears.

  4. Click I Agree.

    The download begins automatically.

  5. Do one of the following, depending on your operating system:

    Your operating system installs Nessus Agent.