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Data Aggregation in a Hybrid Environment

This section briefly identifies areas to consider when aggregating Nessus Agent data from Nessus Manager into repositories. It is important to note that communications to the Nessus Manager for data retrieval initiate from Once Nessus Agent data has been imported, all normal operations such as vulnerability analysis, compliance, and workflow automation apply.

  • Carefully consider agent group size to reduce the volume of data being imported into at a given time. You should limit the number of agents per scan in Nessus Manager or to 1,000 agents. If you import large amounts of data to while parallel operations are occurring, performance may be impacted.
  • Properly plan the number of Nessus scanners and Nessus Managers connected to, seeking guidance from Tenable technical support staff if needed.
  • Properly plan the number of concurrent scans to include agent scans (agent data retrieval process), concurrent users, number of dashboards configured, and frequency/type of reports operating on a, seeking guidance from Tenable technical support staff if needed.

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