Agent CPU Resource Control

You can control the priority of the Nessus Agent relative to the priority of other tasks running on the system by using the process_priority preference. Due to the relative nature of this preference, the amount of system resources consumed by the Nessus Agent will depend not only on the value of the process_priority preference, but also on the overall load on the system. This may reflect on system monitors as if the agent is consuming resources over the higher priority processes. For resource control commands see Nessuscli Agent Commands.

Note: There may be a slight delay between setting a value for process_priority and seeing the change reflected in Linux, Mac OS nice values or Windows Priority Class.

To see the effect of the process_priority preference, see the table below.

Preference Value

Windows - Priority Class Mac OS - Nice Value Linux - Nice Value
normal (default) normal 0 0
low below normal 10 10
high above normal -10 -5

Note: Setting your process_priority preference value to low could cause longer running scans. You may need to increase your scan-window time frame to account for this value.