Restore Agent

Using Nessus CLI Agent Commands , you can use a previous backup of Nessus Agent to restore later on any system, even if it is a different operating system. When you back up Nessus Agent, you preserve your settings. Nessus Agent does not restore scan results.

Note: If you perform a cross-platform backup and restore between Linux and Windows systems, after you restore Nessus Agent, you must reconfigure any Nessus Agent configurations that use schedules (for example, scan schedules). Schedules do not transfer correctly across these platforms because the operating systems use different timezone names.

Before you begin:

To restore Nessus Agent:

  1. Access Nessus Agent from a command terminal.
  2. Stop your Nessus Agent service.

    For example:

    # /sbin/service nessusagent stop

    Nessus Agent terminates all processes.

  3. Restore Nessus Agent from the backup file you previously saved:

    > nessuscli backup --restore path/to/<backup_filename>

    Nessus Agent restores your backup.

  4. Stop and start your Nessus Agent service.

    For example:

    # /sbin/service nessusagent stop

    # /sbin/service nessusagent start

    Nessus Agent begins initializing and uses settings from the backup.