Update a Nessus Agent

After you install an agent, its manager (either Tenable.io or Nessus Manager) automatically updates the agent software.

Agent Update Plan

For Tenable.io-linked agents, you can set an agent update plan to determine the version that the agent automatically updates to. You can set the agent update plan from the Linked Agents tab or from the command line interface.

To set the agent update plan for Tenable.io-linked agents from the Linked Agents tab:

  1. In the upper-left corner, click the Menu button.

    The left navigation plane appears.

  2. In the left navigation plane, click Settings.

    The Settings page appears.

  3. Click the Sensors tile.

    The Sensors page appears. By default, Nessus Scanners is selected in the left navigation menu and the Cloud Scanners tab is active.

  4. In the left navigation menu, click Nessus Agents.

    The Nessus Agents page appears and the Linked Agents tab is active.

  5. (Optional) Search for a specific agent or filter the agents in the table.

  6. Do one of the following:

To set the agent update plan for Tenable.io-linked agents from a command terminal:

  1. Log in to the agent from a command terminal.
  2. Enter the command:
    nessuscli fix --set agent_update_channel=<value>

    Use one of the following values:



    Automatically updates to the latest Agent version when it is made generally available (GA).

    Note:  For Tenable.io-linked agents, this date is usually one week after the version is made generally available. For versions that address critical security issues, Tenable may make the version available immediately.

    eaAutomatically updates to the latest Agent version as soon as it is released for Early Access (EA), typically a few weeks before general availability.
    stableDoes not automatically update to the latest Nessus Agent version. Remains on an earlier version of Nessus Agent set by Tenable, usually one release older than the current generally available version, but no earlier than 7.7.0. When Nessus Agent releases a new version, your agent updates software versions, but stays on a version prior to the latest release.

Manual Updates

In certain cases, such as air-gapped or Internet restricted networks, you may want to download application updates manually.

Note: By default, Tenable.io-linked agents update to the generally available (GA) version one week after the version is GA. Therefore, if you manually update a Tenable.io-linked agents to the latest version prior to that date, you should either disable automatic updates or set your update plan to opt in to Early Access releases. This ensures that the agent does not automatically downgrade to the previous version (GA).

To manually download agent updates:

  1. Visit the Tenable Downloads page.
  2. Click Nessus Agents.

    The latest application update files for agents are available.

  3. Click the application update file that you want to download.

    The License Agreement window appears.

  4. Click I Agree.

    The download begins automatically.

Do one of the following, depending on your operating system:

Your operating system installs Nessus Agent.