NNM Corporate Policy Plugins

Most companies have an “Acceptable Use Policy” that defines appropriate use of the company’s IT facilities. Often, this policy is abused to some extent since detecting abuse can be difficult.

NNM can help in this regard through use of NNM Corporate Policy plugins. These plugins can be used to look for policy violations and items such as credit card numbers, Social Security numbers, and other sensitive content in motion.

Tenable ships NNM with a large number of plugins that are frequently updated. The primary focus of these plugins is to discover hosts, applications and their related client/server vulnerabilities. To search for a specific plugin, visit http://www.tenable.com/NNM-plugins.

Many of the available plugins already detect activities that would fall into the “Inappropriate Use” category in most companies. Some of the activities that are detected through these plugins include (but are not limited to):

  • Game servers
  • Botnet clients and servers
  • Peer to peer file sharing
  • IRC clients and servers
  • Chat clients
  • Tunneling software or applications like Tor, GoToMyPC, and LogMeIn

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