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Register NNM Offline via the CLI

If your NNM installation cannot reach the Internet directly, use the following procedure to register and update plugins:

  1. On the system running NNM, type the following command:


    Command to Run

    Red Hat Linux / CentOS

    # /opt/nnm/bin/nnm --challenge


    C:\Program Files\Tenable\NNM\nnm --challenge


    # /Library/NNM/bin/nnm --challenge

    This produces a challenge code similar to the following:


  2. Go to
  3. Paste the challenge code as well as the Activation Code you received previously from Tenable into the appropriate text boxes.

    This produces a URL that gives you direct access to the NNM plugins.

  4. Save the URL as it is used every time you update your plugins.

    Additionally, a license key and the associated NNM.license file are produced.

  5. Copy this file to the host running NNM in the appropriate directory.
  6. Once the NNM.license file is copied, run the NNM --register-offline command to install the file:



    Red Hat Linux / CentOS

    # /opt/nnm/bin/nnm --register-offline /path/to/NNM.license


    C:\Program Files\Tenable\NNM\nnm --register-offline "C:\path\to\NNM.license"


    # /Library/NNM/bin/nnm --register-offline /path/to/NNM.license

  7. To obtain the newest plugins, navigate to the URL provided in the previous step.

    You receive a TAR file (e.g., sc-passive.tar.gz).

  8. Copy the file to NNM and then type the appropriate command for your platform:



    Red Hat Linux / CentOS

    # /opt/nnm/bin/nnm --update-plugins /path/to/sc-passive.tar.gz


    C:\Program Files\Tenable\NNM\nnm --update-plugins C:\path\to\sc-passive.tar.gz


    # /Library/NNM/bin/nnm --update-plugins /path/to/sc-passive.tar.gz

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