Selecting Rule Libraries and Filtering Rules

Tenable ships an encrypted library of passive vulnerability detection scripts. This file cannot be modified by the end users of NNM. However, if certain scripts must be disabled, they can be specified by the PASL ID and “.pasl” appended. For example, 1234.pasl, disables the PASL with the ID of 1234 on a single line in the disabled-scripts.txt file.

If a plugin must be disabled, type its ID on a single line in the disabled-plugins.txt file. If a plugin must be real-time enabled, type its ID on a single line in the realtime-plugins.txt file.

When adding NNM plugins to the disabled plugin list, be sure to leave an empty blank line after typing the last plugin to be disabled. Failure to return to the next line can result in a non-functional disabled plugin list.

Example: 1234 [return]

If any of the referenced files do not exist, create them using the appropriate method for the operating system. The file locations are as follows:

Operating System

File Path