About NNM Plugins

NNM has two sources of plugin information: the .prmx and .prm plugin libraries in the plugins directory.

Tenable distributes its passive vulnerability plugin database in an encrypted format. The encrypted file is named tenable_plugins.prmx and, if necessary, can be updated daily. NNM plugins written by the customer or third parties have the .prm extension.

Tenable has also implemented passive fingerprinting technology based on the open-source SinFP tool. With permission from the author, Tenable includes the database of passive operating system fingerprints for the fingerprinting technology in this distribution of NNM.

Writing Custom Plugins

NNM customers can write their own passive plugins, which are added into the plugins directory in the NNM installation directory. The plugin must end with a .prm extension to be visible by NNM.

You must restart NNM if:

  • You add a new custom plugin to the plugins directory. NNM does not fire the plugin until you restart.
  • You delete a .prm file manually from the plugins directory. NNM continues to fire the plugin until you restart.