Register NNM Offline via the NNM Interface

To register NNM offline via the NNM interface:

  1. During the Initial Configuration, on the Quick Setup window, select the Register Offline check box.

    A challenge code and the Activation Key box appear.

  2. Copy the challenge code and, in a web browser, navigate to

  3. In the appropriate boxes, paste your challenge code and type the Activation Code you received from Tenable.

  4. Click Submit.

    The page generates a URL to download the NNM plugins tarball. Save this URL, as it is used every time you update your plugins. Additionally, a license key appears.

  5. Copy the license key.

  6. Navigate to the NNM interface.
  7. Paste the license key into the Activation Key box on the Quick Setup window.
  8. Click the Next Step button.

  9. Continue with Step 5 of the Initial Configuration instructions.

    Note: After configuring NNM, upload the plugins tarball in the Offline Update area of the Feed Settings section.