Web Proxy Settings Section

The Web Proxy Settings section configures the settings for a web proxy if one is needed for plugin updates. These settings include the proxy host IP address, port, username, password, and, if a custom agent string is needed, a user-agent box.

Name Description
Host Address The host address of the web proxy server.
Port The port of the web proxy server.
Username The username for the web proxy server.
Password The password for the web proxy server.
User-Agent String The user agent for the web proxy server, if your proxy requires a preset user agent.
Web Proxy Method

The authentication method NNM uses to connect to the web proxy server.

Type one of the following values:

Note: For the auto and basic methods, the web proxy Username and Password values are required for NNM to engage with the proxy.

  • auto - NNM detects and uses the method available for the web proxy.
  • basic - NNM uses basic authentication, which encodes the username and password with Base64.
  • digest - NNM uses HTTP Digest authentication, which uses a hash function to encrypt the username and password.
  • ntlm - NNM uses Microsoft NTLM user authentication in a Windows domain.

    Note: NTLM is deprecated by Microsoft. This authentication method is not recommended and should be used only for compatibility with older configurations.