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Install NNM on the NAT Gateway

Before You Begin

Follow the instructions on setting up a NAT gateway in a Google Compute Engine legacy network.

The NNMNessus Network Monitor installer package for your NAT gateway instance's platform can be downloaded from the Tenable Downloads page.


  1. Copy the NNM installer package to the home directory in your NAT gateway instance.

    $ gcloud compute copy-files /path/to/nnm-installer nat-gateway:~ --zone us-east1-b

  2. Create a firewall rule to allow incoming connections to the NNM Web server. By default, the NNM Web server listens on port 8835.

    $ gcloud compute firewall-rules create gce-network-allow-nnm-www --allow tcp:8835 --network gce-network


    Created [].


    gce-network-allow-nnm-www gce-network  tcp:8835

  3. Log in to your NAT gateway instance.

    $ gcloud compute ssh nat-gateway --zone us-east1-b

  4. Once logged into your NAT gateway instance, install NNM.

    Once NNM is installed and running on the NAT gateway, you may access the NNM web front end by navigating to https://<external IP address of nat-gateway>:8835 in your Web browser. The external IP address of nat-gateway can be found by executing gcloud compute instances describe nat-gateway and looking for networkInterfaces > accessConfigs > natIP.

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