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Waterfall Integration Test

Test Goals

The test conducted during an on-site POC came to prove that any data flow going from a data-source, through the Waterfall Unidirectional channel to Tenable NNMNessus Network Monitor, arrived at NNM as expected, identical to the results that were achieved without the Waterfall channel; and hence, proving the integration between Waterfall USG and Tenable NNM as fully seamless for end users.

Test Method

A Unidirectional Security Gateway and NNM server were installed at Tenable’s lab.

  • The TX side of the USG was connected to a span port of the switch on the OT side, simulating a general use-case of generic traffic channeling.
  • The RX side of the USG was connected to the NNM server, on the IT side.
  • Modbus traffic was generated on the OT side, flowing through the USG and arriving at NNM on the IT side.
  • The data on the NNM was compared to the expected results, based on the results of a direct connection between the data source and the NNM (without any intermediate channel).

Test Results

The traffic arriving at the NNM from the USG USG RX Agent was compared to the expected results, and was confirmed as identical. Therefore, the test had concluded as successful, and the technical aspect of the integration complete.

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