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Install PVS on macOS

Before You Begin

These steps assume you have downloaded PVS and are running all programs as a root user or with equivalent privileges.


  1. Double-click the .dmg file downloaded from the Tenable Support Portal to mount the disk image PVS Install. The specific filename varies depending on your version.

  2. Double-click the Install PVS.pkg file.

    The Install Tenable PVS window appears, which walks you through the installation process and any required configuration steps.

  3. Click the Continue button.

    The Software License Agreement screen appears. You must agree to the terms to continue the installation process and use PVS.

    Tip: You can copy the text of the agreement into a separate document for reference, or you can click the Print button to print the agreement directly from this screen.

  4. Click Install to begin the installation.

    A window appears, asking for authentication permission to install the software.

  5. Click the Install Software button.

    A window appears, requesting permission to allow PVS to accept incoming network connections. If this option is denied, PVS is installed but functionality is severely reduced.

    Immediately after the successful installation of PVS, the Installer automatically launches the Safari web browser to allow configuration of the PVS environment. When the identity dialog box appears, click Continue.

    Tip: Once the installation process is complete, eject the PVS install volume.

Start and Stop PVS for macOS

  1. Access the System Preferences and select PVS.Preferences.

    The PVS.Preferences window appears.

  2. Select the Start PVS or Stop PVS button as needed.

    Tip: You can also issue a command from terminal to manually start or stop PVS.

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