Plugin Configuration

The Plugins section allows you to enable or disable plugin families for the scan configuration. Enabling and disabling plugin families determines what security checks the scan does and does not perform. Your plugin configuration can noticeably affect how much data your scan returns and how long it takes the scan to run. In general, a scan with more plugin families enabled takes longer to complete but yields more scan data, and a scan with fewer plugin families enabled is faster but yields less scan data.

Scanners automatically run the proper plugins and families against each target, and the proper plugins are determined as each system is scanned. In general, Tenable does not recommend disabling plugin families broadly or creating targeted scan policies with different plugin sets for different devices as it is not necessary and can lead to misrepresentations of risk.

For more information about scan plugin settings, see Plugins. For information about configuring dynamic plugins for the Advanced Dynamic Scan template, see Configure Dynamic Plugins.