Other Tips

  • Avoid scan duplicates — Your organization may have multiple scan configurations that unnecessarily scan the same host. Such scans can create duplicate scan and asset data (sometimes referred to as scan duplicates). This often happens when an organization scans hosts with separate credentialed and non-credentialed scan configurations to scan the same asset (in this case, the organization can just scan the asset with the credentialed scan, which yields the same data as the non-credentialed plus any of the data found using credentials).

    Tenable recommends reviewing your scan configurations to ensure that you are not scanning the same assets to discover the same vulnerability data with multiple scan configurations.

    Note: In some circumstances, it may be advantageous to run agent and un-credentialed network scans on the same target.
  • Configure your scans for effective assessment based on your network configuration — When exploring the most effective way to perform an assessment, scanning many systems simultaneously isn’t always the best option. You need to consider various network factors to determine your most effective assessment method. For more information, see the Tuning Network Assessments for Performance and Resource Usage blog article.