Tenable Cloud Security 2.5.6 Release Notes (2022-11-14)

Important: Tenable has announced the End of Life for Legacy Tenable Cloud Security. You can continue to access the application and receive support through September 30, 2024. Tenable recommends that you move to the current version of Cloud Security immediately. For more details, see the End of Life bulletin.

CloudTrail Alerts

  • The IAM Policy Change alert rule now supports the following policy actions:

    • DeleteGroupPolicy

    • DeleteRolePolicy

    • DeleteUserPolicy

  • You can now disconnect CloudTrail configurations for the cloud accounts from the Integrations > AWS CloudTrail page.

Misconfigurations CSV Report

The Misconfigurations CSV report now includes the following fields:

  • Cloud provider

  • Region

  • Policy ID

  • Cloud Resource Name

  • Remediation

  • IaC Resource Name

User Interface Enhancements

  • You can now view the Vulnerabilities count for each project in the Projects and Connections tab.

  • You can now search for resources in the Manage scan profiles page.

  • The Scan status tooltip now includes the time of the scan.

  • The Filters drop-down box is now enhanced in the Resources and Misconfigurations pages.

Bug Fixes

Bug Fix
Fixed an issue with AWS secrets manager configuration for KMS keys.
Fixed an issue with creating a custom policy for the instance_tenancy parameter of the aws_vpc resource.
Fixed an issue with creating a pull request for an Azure DevOps repository.