Tenable Cloud Security 2.5.7 Release Notes (2022-12-01)

Important: Tenable has announced the End of Life for Legacy Tenable Cloud Security. You can continue to access the application and receive support through September 30, 2024. Tenable recommends that you move to the current version of Cloud Security immediately. For more details, see the End of Life bulletin.

Tenable Cloud Security Policies

You can now view the list of all policies on the Tenable Cloud Security Policies portal.

New Regions for Agentless Assessment

The following AWS regions are now available for Agentless scans:

  • eu-north-1

  • ap-northeast-2

  • ap-northeast-3

User Interface Enhancements

  • Compliance Report — The Benchmark filter now shows the benchmarks in an alphabetical order.

  • The CloudTrail resource is now under Management and Governance section in the Manage scan profiles page, and removed from multiple sections.

Bug Fixes

Bug Fix
For EKS clusters, Tenable Cloud Security now shows the associated AWS account and other relevant information.

Fixed an issue with creating a pull request for an Azure DevOps repository.

This fix requires CLI version 1.0.45.

Fixed an issue with scans taking a long time to complete.
Fixed an issue with failed connection to Tenable Cloud Security after scans are canceled.

Fixed authentication errors with Azure DevOps repository errors.

Fixed an issue with incorrect reporting (false positives) of the following policies:

  • Ensure bucket policy is enforced with least privileges for all AWS s3 buckets.

  • Ensure one HTTPS listener is configured for AWS Load Balancer through AWS LB Listener in IaC scan and pipeline job.

The descriptions for some of the AWS policies are now improved for clarity.