Tenable Nessus 2023 Release Notes

Tenable Nessus 10.5.2 (2023-05-11)

Tenable Nessus 10.5.1 (2023-03-30)

Tenable Nessus 8.15.9 (2023-03-07)

Tenable Nessus 10.4.3 (2023-03-07)

Tenable Nessus 10.5.0 (2023-03-02)

Tenable Nessus 8.15.8 (2023-01-18)

Tenable Nessus 10.4.2 (2023-01-18)

Upgrade Notes

  • Tenable.io FedRAMP environments support Tenable Nessus scanners version 8.x and 10.4.0 and later.

  • (Automatic upgrades only) If you upgrade Tenable Nessus to a version later than 10.5.0, the Tenable Nessus will first upgrade to 10.5.0 before it upgrades to the desired version.
  • You can upgrade to the latest version of Tenable Nessus from any previously supported version.
  • If your upgrade path skips versions of Tenable Nessus, Tenable recommends reviewing the release notes for all skipped versions to learn about new features and bug fixes.
  • If you want your scanners to update to the newest version before the GA date automatically, set your Tenable Nessus Update Plan to Opt in to Early Access releases.
  • If you want to update your scanners to the latest version before the GA date manually, disable automatic updates so the scanner does not automatically downgrade to the previous version.
  • For Tenable Nessus 8.8.0 and later running on Windows, you must install Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015 on the host operating system. The following Windows versions require a minimum Service Pack to be installed:

    • Windows 7 SP1
    • Windows Server 2008 SP2
    • Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1