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Nessus 8.6.0 Release Notes - 2019-08-13

New Features

  • In-Product Notification Enhancements - Improved license expiration notifications to provide license-specific renewal links. Added the capability to permanently dismiss notifications that have been viewed. Added a notification history page to allow users to review previous notifications.
  • Watermarked reports for Nessus Essentials and Nessus Pro Trials - Added watermarks to exported reports for Nessus Essentials and Nessus Pro evaluations.
  • Enterprise Supportability: Scan and Policy Ownership - Our enterprise users of Nessus often have personnel changes that require them to change or remove users from their system. This feature allows administrators to claim ownership of user content.
  • Telemetry Enhancements - Added an advanced setting that allows users to opt out of providing telemetry reporting back to Tenable. Telemetry information ensures that users will benefit from more intuitive and useful features and capabilities in future Nessus releases. Please refer to the documentation describing advanced settings for more information.

Bug Fixes

Bug Fix Defect ID
Fixed an issue where users were unable to filter the agent list by IP address in Nessus Manager 00832160
Fixed an issue with exporting HTML custom reports containing non-standard character sets 00775714
Fixed an issue where multi-homed machines would not honor the forced source IP command 00801670
Fixed an issue with scan result filters no longer accepting a comma delimited list of values 00832101, 00833265
Fixed an issue when attempting to add agents by search results to agent groups 00832160
Fixed an issue where plugin attributes were no longer included in .nessus files sent to, by adding a config setting to re-enable the attributes 00840184, 00848793
Fixed an issue where the scanner health page does not appear to display CPU usage correctly N/A
Fixed an issue with scan plugin filters N/A
Fixed an intermittent issue with displaying records in the Vulnerabilities view N/A
Fixed a number of UI presentation issues N/A
Fixed typo in the advanced settings for Max HTTP Connections N/A
Fixed an intermittent issue with Agent 'status' on Agent Detail page is not displaying state correctly N/A
Fixed an issue where 'Plugin Family' filter is not working as expected and showing "no result found" N/A
Fixed an issue with agent group deletion work flow N/A
Fixed an issue where search agent count is not displaying correctly N/A
Fixed an issue where search functionality wasn't as inclusive as expected N/A
Fixed an issue where unlicensed scanners show as "expired" N/A
Updated OpenSSL version to 1.0.2s. N/A
Fixed a potential issue in XMLRPC API affecting Windows installations N/A

Upgrade Notes

Note: If your upgrade path skips versions of Nessus, Tenable recommends reviewing the release notes for all skipped versions to learn about new features and bug fixes.

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