Tenable.ad 3.26 (2022-07-27)

New Features

  • Tenable Design System — Redesign of the header and side bars in Tenable.ad to harmonize it with other Tenable products, as well as screens for Attack Path and Activity Logs.

Bug Fixes

Tenable.ad version 3.26 contains the following bug fixes:

Bug Fix Defect ID
The Indicator of Exposure (IoE) Potential clear-text password only keeps ASCII characters when computing the entropy of a potential password. N/A
The MSI installer now ensures that it uses the 64 bits version of the .NET runtime even if there is a 32 bits version installed by another product. N/A
It is possible to translate the "Primary group ID" string into other languages. N/A
The IIS rewrite rule for the API on a "Split SEN" deployment with TLS enabled is more specific and allows you to view the "About" page. N/A
The feature allowing you to stop ignoring deviances of an IoE works again. N/A
A tool tip appears when you hover over the complexity icon of an IoE to explain its remediation complexity. N/A
When installing the Storage Manager on-premises, the SQL drive letters appear in the summary before you proceed with the installation. N/A
The MSI installer for on-premises installations does not begin the installation if there is not enough disk space available. N/A