Tenable.ad 3.28 (2022-08-24)

New Features

  • Tenable Cloud ServiceTenable.ad now offers the possibility to transfer the AD assets and findings to the Tenable Cloud Service to benefit from advanced security analysis. This paves the way for future new services by leveraging other products and services available in Tenable.ep, thus offering a larger view of your exposures.

  • Privileged AnalysisTenable.ad now offers an optional privileged data collection for a future Tenable.ad IoE and a future Attack Path Analytics service provided by the Tenable Cloud service.

Bug Fixes

Tenable.ad version 3.28 contains the following bug fixes:

Bug Fix Defect ID
The API for new or existing domains do not allow another type than "ADDS." N/A
Support for Unicode characters in the PDF for exported Indicators of Attack. N/A