Tenable.ad 3.11 Release Notes (2021-12-01)

New Features (SaaS)

Tenable.ad version 3.11 includes the following new features:

  • A new indicator of exposure lists dangerous permissions and misconfigured parameters related to the Windows Public Key Infrastructure (PKI).

New Features (dedicated for on-premises)

  • Secure communications between components via TLS using Tenable.ad's self-signed auto-generated certificate or a custom certificate.

  • A dedicated MSI for the security probe installation.

New Features (on-premises, previously available for SaaS)

  • A lockout policy to mitigate brute force attacks against authentication mechanisms. It aims to lock out user accounts after too many failed login attempts.

  • A product licensing feature to allow you to update your Tenable.ad license.

  • Ability to disable certain indicators of exposure without restarting the security engine node.

  • Support for the localization process.

  • Single domain recrawling to force the refreshing of data for a domain.

  • Use of native Server Message Block (SMB) mapping.

  • Upgrade of Node.js to v16.