Tenable.ad 3.18 Release Notes (2022-04-06)

Note: These Release Notes apply to SaaS, except when specified as an on-premises version.

Bug Fixes

In addition to performance improvements, Tenable.ad version 3.18 contains the following bug fixes:

Bug Fix Defect ID
Tenable.ad correctly flushes out Login event (4624) from its cache memory after a Logoff event (4634). N/A
Tenable.ad displays attacks that occur on the 1st day of the month in the correct month. N/A
When you remove a GPO, Tenable.ad only displays the deleted event. N/A
When the SYSVOL connection breaks, Tenable.ad renews the connection to allow the listener to fetch new events. N/A
The allow lists for Credentials Roaming users and groups now accept the samAccountName format. N/A
Tenable.ad considers resolved deviances as no longer useful and clears them from the database after 6 months. N/A

This release also updates OpenSSL-related software to address the security issue CVE-2022-0778.