Tenable Core Offline ISO Updates - January 2020 (Q4 2019)

The following list comprises highlights of updates made to Tenable Core in Q4 2019. Downloading and installing the most recent version of the Offline ISO image initiates these updates on your Tenable Core machine.

To update the Tenable Core offline ISO image, see the documentation for your application:

For more information about product updates, see the Tenable Core release notes and the release notes for your application.

New Features and Changed Functionality

  • Tenable Core backup creation is significantly faster.

  • Restoration of Tenable Appliance backups to Tenable Core is also available from the command line.

  • Additional diagnostic utilities are included by default in order to provide more complete diagnostic reports.

Featured Bug Fixes

  • NNM now starts automatically after package upgrades.
  • Installation from ISO no longer hangs when given incorrect proxy information.

  • Proxy credentials including special characters (for example, =) in the username or password now save to the yum configuration.

Featured Application Updates

Updated Offline ISO Packages