Tenable Core Offline ISO Updates - July 2019 (Q2 2019)

The following list comprises highlights of updates made to Tenable Core during the first of 2019. Downloading and installing the most recent version of the Offline ISO image will initiate these updates on your Tenable Core machine.

For guidance on installing the Tenable Core Offline ISO image, refer to our user documentation.

For more information about updates, please see the Tenable Core release notes as well as the Tenable Release Notes for all products.

New Features and Changed Functionality
  • Port values are now required when entering an http:// upgrade proxy server.

  • Timer configuration is now shown even when the timer is not running.

  • WAS Scanner can now be linked to Tenable.io through a proxy.

  • UI reflects SecurityCenter renaming to Tenable.sc.

Featured Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a bug which caused the automatic backup schedule information not to update immediately when edited (requiring a reload to refresh instead).

  • Fixed a bug which prevented usage of an http:// upgrade proxy on port 80 from working correctly.

  • Fixed a bug where the System Certificate tab was not displayed by default.

  • Fixed a bug that prevented using the offline ISO as an installer.

  • Fixed bug where IP configuration would revert to DHCP on reboot.

  • Fixed bug where IP configuration wizard would present error about "Wired connection 1" not existing.

  • Improved Remote Storage configuration detection on the Backups page.

  • TLS certificates with Intermediate CAs now install correctly for Nessus use.

  • Fixed a bug which caused timer configuration to fail to display correctly on initial page load.

  • Proxy configuration now exempts localhost connections from using the configured proxy.

  • Fixed issue that may have prevented Tenable.sc backups from being taken automatically.

Featured Application Updates