Tenable.cs 2.3.3 Release Notes (2022-04-06)


  • Support for scanning Infrastructure as Code (IaC) with Azure Resource Manager (ARM).

  • You can now unsubscribe from repository re-authentication notification emails.

  • The configuration file now uses the api-token parameter for specifying the authentication token. This parameter is backward compatible with the app parameter.

  • Log monitoring support for the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Route 53 resources.

Bug Fixes

Bug Fix
Resolved an issue when using Tenable.cs CLI for scanning a GitHub repository.

Resolved an issue where the following policies were not triggered for the AWS root account during cloud scan:

  • Ensure MFA is enabled for the "root user" account.

  • Ensure hardware MFA is enabled for the "root user" account.

Improved the error message that is displayed when configuring credentials for onboarding AWS organization accounts.
Resolved an issue where the Ensure MFA is enabled for the "root user" account policy was not triggered for AWS accounts in the mssp-us-1 cluster.
Fixed the Tenable.cs product name in the navigation browser.
Fixed the link to Jenkins documentation in the Configure CI/CD - Jenkins window.
Tenable.cs extension for Visual Studio Code can now handle folder names with spaces.
Fixed the issue where AWS CloudTrail alerts for member accounts were not showing the Actor parameter in Slack.