Tenable.cs 2.5.11 Release Notes (2023-02-21)

Cloud Account Discovery

Starting with Tenable.cs 2.5.11, Tenable.cs can automatically discover your cloud accounts and onboard them. Tenable.cs provides a new cloud account onboarding flow that supports the following:

  • Single account onboarding — Provide the credentials of an AWS, Azure, or GCP account to onboard the account.

  • Multiple account discovery and onboardingTenable.cs can automatically discover the following:

    • AWS: Provide the credentials of the AWS management account and Tenable.cs automatically discovers all member accounts in that AWS organization.

    • Azure: Provide the tenant-level credentials and Tenable.cs automatically discovers all Azure subscriptions in that tenant.

    • GCP: Provide the credentials of the GCP organization account and Tenable.cs automatically discovers all projects in that organization.

Tenable.cs schedules a discovery every 24 hours and automatically discovers any new member accounts in the management account. For more information, see Discover Cloud Accounts.

User Interface Changes

  • The Public Cloud option is now removed from the onboarding flow for AWS, Azure, and GCP.

  • In the GCP onboarding flow, Tenable.cs validates the JSON file and shows error messages if the uploaded file is not in the JSON format.

  • You can no longer delete cloud accounts, but you can ignore cloud accounts from scanning. For more information, see Ignore a Cloud Account.

  • Enabling the Expand All toggle in the Filter drop-down shows all values within the categories.

Bug Fixes

Bug Fix
Fixed issues with loading the Findings page.
Fixed errors that occur during login and when navigating to the home page from other pages.