Tenable.cs 2.5.8 Release Notes (2022-12-22)

Resources Page

The Resources page is now enhanced with the following changes:

  • Improved navigation.

  • Shows the total count of resources, failing policies, and configuration drifts for each resource type.

  • The Findings column now shows the total findings that is the sum of misconfigurations, vulnerabilities, and drifts.

  • Shows Cloud Account and Region for each resource type.

  • Each resource type now includes information for Resource details, Misconfigurations, Vulnerabilities, and Drifts in a single Resource Details pane. The pane also includes more actionable information, such as Region, VPC, Cluster, Compliance state.

For more information, see View Resources and View Resource Details.

Policies Page

The Policies page is now enhanced with the following changes:

  • The page now also includes Resource type, Compliance status, and Last Assessed time.

  • The filter options are now consistent across the user interface.

  • You can export the policies to a CSV report.

  • The Policy details pane now also shows the impacted resources.

For more information, see View and Download Policies.

Custom Policy Group

The workflow for creating a custom policy group is now improved and it is now easier to filter and select the policies in the policy group. For more information, see Create a Custom Policy Group.

User Interface Changes

  • Policy remediation content is now well formatted for readability.

  • You can now filter by the cloud account name using the Cloud Accounts filter on the Findings, Reports, Resources, and Policies pages.

  • You can now view Plugin output in the Vulnerability details pane.

  • The pagination controls on the Reports page are now available at the top for easy navigation between pages.

  • The Severity icon is now consistent across the user interface.

Supported Resources

  • Via the Manage scan profiles page, you can now scan for and view policies for the following resource types:

    • Application Load Balancer

    • Gateway Load Balancer

    • Network Load Balancer

    • Classic Load Balancer

Export to CSV

  • The Misconfigurations CSV report now includes the Policy ID.

  • The Compliance Detail Report now includes Project and Cloud Account.

CLI Changes

  • The HTML report and JSON now include line numbers for violations.

Bug Fixes

Bug Fix
Updated the policy details for the policy Ensure HTTP application routing has been disabled for Azure Kubernetes Cluster.
More actionable information now available for Kubernetes clusters discovered via Kubescan.
Fixed an issue with incorrect compliance status reported for AWS CIS 1.4 policy.
Fixed an issue with the CLI download file for macOS.
Fixed an issue with benchmark filters not applying when creating a custom policy group.
Fixed an issue with cloud drifts not getting detected with GCP.
Fixed issues with onboarding multiple AWS accounts.