Tenable.cs 2.6.1 Release Notes (2023-03-09)

Resource Name Change for Microsoft SQL Azure Database Server

As per Terraform update, the resource azurerm_sql_server is renamed to azurerm_mssql_server resource. For more information, see https://registry.terraform.io/providers/hashicorp/azurerm/latest/docs/resources/sql_server. Tenable.cs includes the following user interface updates to accommodate this resource name change:

  • The Resources page now includes the Mssql Server resource type.

  • Tenable.cs continues to display the existing resources and misconfigurations for the Sql Server resource.

Important: To include this new resource for scanning, you must edit all existing scan profiles that have the Sql Server resource and add the MySqlServer resource to the scan profile. For more information, see Edit a Scan Profile.

Bug Fixes

Bug Fix
Fixed an issue with incorrect policy compliance shown for the AC_AZURE_0241 policy.
Fixed an issue with repeating column headers after every 25000 lines in the CSV exports.
Fixed an issue with remediation for a cloud resource.