Tenable.io MSSP Portal 1.0 Release Notes (2020-03-24)

New Features

  • View Accounts: View and manage multiple client instances through a single login in the Tenable.io MSSP Portal. On the Accounts page, you can view the customer Tenable.io container name, license information, site information, and custom notes.
  • Single Sign On: Log in to any customer Tenable.io instance via the Tenable.io MSSP Portal, removing the need to manage multiple logins for the same user across multiple customer containers.
  • License Data Display: View license information for customer Tenable.io instances in the Tenable.io MSSP Portal, including allocation and utilization.
  • Custom Notes: Create notes for each customer Tenable.io instance within the Tenable.io MSSP Portal, enabling MSSP Partners to track account contacts or internal naming/account numbering conventions. Use the Search bar to search for specific notes.
  • Search: Search your customer Tenable.io instances in the Tenable.io MSSP Portal to quickly access the account you're looking for. The search bar filters by the customer container name, site name, and/or the custom notes fields.
  • User Management: Create, update, enable, and disable users from the Tenable.io MSSP Portal. This feature is currently limited to administrators for this release.