Tenable.io Platform Release Notes - May 2020

Important Highlights from this Release


  • Added public API support for Solutions in Tenable.io for Lumin customers.

  • Added Asset Criticality Rating (ACR) in the Vulnerability Management pages for Lumin customers. For more information, see Edit an ACR in the Tenable.io Vulnerability Management User Guide.

Web Application Security

Note: Launch of WAS in new UI, available for new users only. Existing users will have their data migrated and the new UI available at a later date.
  • A significant update to Tenable core UI layout.

  • WAS reporting templates and widgets are now included in the shared dashboard system.

  • WAS RBAC & Scan permissions now apply to all data views.

  • 2 new scan templates added to the new UI (only SSL/TLS & Config Audit). For more information, see Templates in the Tenable.io Web Application Scanning User Guide.

  • Scan notes that provide context (and, when necessary troubleshooting steps) for a scan's progress or performance.
  • Faster and more modern back-end services that manage WAS scans & reporting logic.

  • Updated WAS API to V2 for use with the new UI only.

Bug Fixes

Product Bug Fix Defect ID
Container Security Fixed visual bug in Container licensing widget on landing page incorrectly displaying 100% usage for some accounts. 01008093, 01004498