Tenable.io Platform Release Notes - June 2020

Important Highlights from this Release


  • Added Asset Export in .csv format to the UI. Customers can easily export their full list of assets with a single click and only include the fields relevant to them. For more information, see Export Asset Data in the Tenable.io Vulnerability Management User Guide.

  • Completed the migration of "Can Scan" permissions from System Target Groups to Access Groups. All permissions related asset and target scoping are now part of Access Groups. For more information, see Configure User Permissions for an Access Group in the Tenable.io Vulnerability Management User Guide.

    Note: Please review your scan permissions, as insufficient privileges will result in scan failure.

Bug Fixes

Product Bug Fix Defect ID
Container Security Resolved an issue in Container Security where details of an image would not export data. 01030486
Web Application Scanning Resolved an issue in WAS where the vulnerability count would not update on the landing page of the Classic UI. 00986197
T.io Vulnerability Management Resolved an issue where users were able to perform scans when lacking relevant "Can Scan" permissions. n/a