Tenable.io Platform Release Notes - July 2020

Important Highlights from this Release


  • Added support for Hashicorp AD secret store and Hashicorp KV V2 secret store

    For more information on Tenable.io with Hashicorp, see Tenable.io for Hashicorp Vault in the Tenable Integrations Guide.

  • Added a new “Display Unicode characters” setting under Settings/Report to improve the handling of UTF-16 encoded strings encountered in SMB, WMI, and SSL protocols on Windows targets. When enabled, unicode characters appear in plugin output such as usernames, installed application names, and SSL certificate information. For more information, see Report Settings in the Tenable.io Vulnerability Management User Guide.

    Note: Plugin output may sometimes incorrectly parse or truncate strings with unicode characters. If this issue causes problems with regular expressions in plugins or custom audits, disable this setting and scan again.

Tenable.io Web Application Scanning

  • Copy functionality is now available for all WAS user defined templates allowing users to quickly copy existing templates.

  • Scan names are now limited to 128 characters

Tenable Lumin

  • The Asset Distribution by Asset Exposure Score (AES) widget replaces the Cyber Exposure Score Distribution and Vulnerability Age widgets on the Business Context Asset Details page. This allows for quick access to a list of assets and solutions grouped and ordered by risk.

    For more information, see View Business Context Tag Asset Details in the Tenable.io User Guide.

  • For simplification, the Assets, Vulnerabilities, and Solutions views in the Tenable Luminworkspace are merged with the corresponding Tenable.io Vulnerability Management (VM) views.

    • The links to these pages have been removed from the Tenable Lumin area and are now only within VM area.

    • Any links within Tenable Lumin to assets, vulnerabilities, and solutions will now navigate to the VM workspace.

      For more information, see Get Started with Lumin in the Tenable.io User Guide.

  • Historical vulnerability and asset data in the Cyber Exposure Score details panel have been removed temporarily.

    For more information, see View CES Details in the Tenable.io User Guide.

  • The Vulnerability Age > 7 days column has been removed from the Cyber Exposure by Business Context table on the Tenable Lumin dashboard.

    For more information, see View the Lumin Dashboard in the Tenable.io User Guide.

Bug Fixes

Product Bug Fix Defect ID
T.io Vulnerability Management Fixed an issue that caused the "Last Seen" filter with "earlier than" operator on Assets grid to produce unexpected asset data results. 00791764
Web Application Scanning
  • Addressed error when opening shared WAS scan configuration

  • Addressed error in WAS templates section for accounts with WAS expired license

  • Addressed a 404 message received for accounts with an expired WAS license when trying to access WAS scans