Tenable.io Platform Release Notes - November 2020

Important Highlights from this Release


  • IPv6 support: Nessus Agent 8.1.0+ and Nessus Scanner 8.12.0+ now support communicating with Tenable.io using IPv6.

  • TIO UI Performance Improvements: A number of updates have been made recently to the Tenable.io UI to improve the performance and usability of the site. These updates were focused on improving the initial load of the site as well as its responsiveness.

Tenable.io Web Application Scanning

  • HTML/.pdf Scan Report - A new report to provide details to the web developer or security professional to investigate the specific issues located by Tenable.io Web Application Scanning in HTML or .pdf format.

  • PCI WAS Scan Support enabled to all WAS users on new UI - PCI scanning has been relocated to the new UI for clients with a WAS license.

  • Tenable.io WAS Chrome Extension 1.2.0 - New WAS chrome extention enhancement to be able to download the Selenium file should a user wish to store or edit before use in a new scan.

Tenable Lumin

  • Remediation Maturity

    • Quantifies how an organization is performing at remediating vulnerabilities in their environment. It provides insight by assessing two underlying components.

      • Remediation Responsiveness indicates you are quickly remediating the most critical vulnerabilities on your assets.

      • Remediation Coverage indicates you are remediating a high percentage of the most critical vulnerabilities on your assets.

    • Organizations are assigned a grade along with comparisons to their industry peers and overall population. With this grading, organizations can compare their efforts to others and improve processes as needed.

    • Recommended Actions based on improved Remediation Maturity will be provided for overall remediation hygiene.

    • This bookends Assessment Maturity (released earlier this year) to give a comprehensive view into program and process maturity.

  • CES Trending by Business Context

    • Highlights CES trending performance by tagged asset group, giving additional context to how a group is performing.

    • New 6-month sparkline and 14-day trend added to the Business Context table on the Lumin dashboard.

    • CES trendline added to the Business Context details page per tag.

Bug Fixes

Bug Fix Defect ID
Invalid characters in Nessus scan format export from WAS 01066389
409 Conflict upon deleting WAS policy returns a vague UI error in new UI 01065802
Tenable.io WAS Chrome Extension Error when saving credentials 01092555
WAS Scan max time has been limited to 23:59:59 instead of 99:59:59 01100096
WAS scans or dashboards not accessible 01110009
Unable to configure advanced settings for legacy WebApp policy in new interface 01096456
WAS Error when copying VM scans from classic UI 01107492, 01107283
WAS Scan copy action not functioning 01110153
Missing WAS plugin description in Nessus scan export 01113222
WAS Pages timing out 01103119, 01114631
Fixed an issue with Tenable.io vulnerability workbench where assets with no vulnerabilities were appearing in the By Asset view with "no data" displayed next to them n/a