Tenable.io Platform Release Notes - June 2021

Important Highlights from this Release


  • The Tenable.io ServiceNow integration now supports domain-separated ServiceNow instances.

    For more information, see the ServiceNow Integration Guide.

  • You can now perform single-line Nessus and Nessus Agent installations on Linux operating systems using the Add Scanner and Add Agent dialogs on the Sensors page.

    For more information, see Link a Sensor in the Tenable.io User Guide.

Tenable.io Web Application Scanning

  • Saved search functionality is now available to all advanced filters available in WAS pages, allowing users to save, apply, and share searches across their organization.

    For more information, see Saved Search in the Tenable.io Web Application Scanning User Guide.

  • WAS scan processing logic has been updated to ensure that a scan is being marked as completed once all scan results have been collected. As part of this work, a new Processing state has been introduced to let users know that the scan has completed and the backend service is collecting all remaining data before marking the scan as done.

    For more information, see Scan Status in the Tenable.io Web Application Scanning User Guide.

  • Debug mode is now available to WAS PCI scan templates.


  • Users can manually set their preferred order of business context tags displayed in the in the table on the Lumin dashboard.

    For more information, see Lumin Dashboard Widgets in the Tenable.io User Guide.

    • This is user-specific and your preference resets when you reload the page.

    • If no manual order is set, the default order reflects when the business context tags were added to the dashboard.

  • Various bug fixes and user interface text improvements.


  • Optimizations have been implemented to support very large PCI scans.


For more information about recent changes to the API, see the Changelog on the Tenable Developer Portal.