Tenable.io Platform Release Notes - November 2021

Important Highlights from this Release


  • You can now identify, review, and update your dashboards and widgets with the latest dashboard templates and widgets from Tenable.io.

    For more information, see Automatically Update Widgets on a Dashboard in the Tenable.io User Guide.

  • Tenable.io has a new integration with Microsoft Azure Sentinel.

    For more information, see Microsoft Azure Sentinel in the Tenable and Microsoft Azure Integration Guide.

  • The Cloud Connectors page in the Settings section has a new data list view that allows users to select, resize, and reorder columns with improved pagination and user actions.

    For more information, see Interact with a Customizable Table in the Tenable.io User Guide.

Tenable.io Web Application Scanning

  • Tenable.io Web Application Scanning now supports the OWASP Top 10 2021.

    For more information, see the OWASP Top 10 website.

  • Tenable.io Web Application Scanning now supports these data sources when reviewing plugin details: OWASP ASVS, NIST, HIPAA, PCI DSS, ISO, CAPEC, and DISA STIG.

    For more information about the new data sources, see Tenable Plugins.

  • You can now use API Key and Bearer Token credentials in WAS scans.

    For more information, see WAS Scan Web Application Authentication in the Tenable.io User Guide.


For more information about recent changes to the API, see the Changelog on the Tenable Developer Portal.