Attack Path Analysis Release Notes - October 2022

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October 4, 2022

New Features

As part of the October 2022 GA release, you can interact with the following:


  • Workspace landing page for brings all Tenable products together into one view

  • Workspace menu (App Switcher) in the header so customers can easily switch across different products

Attack Path

  • 150+ ATT&CK techniques supported across Initial Access, Lateral Movement, Privilege Escalation and Impact

  • Consolidate findings between, Web Application Scanning,, and Tenable.cs

  • Search for attack paths using a query:

    • Custom query via the Query Builder- free search of source and target

    • Blast Radius - find all attack paths from a selected source

    • Asset Exposure Graph - find all attack paths to a selected target

  • Advanced filters on properties and relationships

  • Search for Attack Techniques, Malware, or Threat Group exposure

  • Save a query as a preset for quick reference

  • View additional attack path information through the Attack Path Visualization Graph and List sections:

    • Drill down, search, and filter attack path data

    • Export attack path data

For more information about the Attack Path Analysis, see the Attack Path Analysis User Guide.