Tenable.ot 3.11.18 Release Notes (2021-06-24)

To download Tenable.ot upgrade files, see: https://indegy.sharefile.com/d-se677277430194f93b88f0e56b04f11b2.

For a list of previous versions from which you can upgrade directly to this version, see: https://indegy.sharefile.com/d-sf0daeb2fa00449d4a22f590aef264ab1.

If you are upgrading Tenable Core + Tenable.ot, follow this KB: https://tenable.my.salesforce.com/articles/How_To/Upgrade-Cobex-running-on-Tenable-Core.

New Features

Network Segmentation

Tenable.ot now automatically assigns each asset to a default segment, based on its IP address and taking the asset type into account. The user can also manually adjust the segmentation for it to reflect the network topology in the best way possible.

Network segments can be used for policy configurations, similarly to asset groups.

Nessus Network Monitor Integration

The Nessus Network Monitor detection engine in now fully a part of Tenable.ot, which adds various asset details extraction, classification and vulnerabilities detection capabilities.

IEM Changes

  • IEM will now allow accessing up to 500 connected ICPs - showing assets, events, and vulnerabilities for each of them.

  • IEM will no longer show the aggregated views of assets and events (this information will be gradually presented in Tenable.io).

  • IEM users will be now presented with the status of connected ICPs, have access to the IEM's system settings.

  • IEM can now support multiple users of the 'administrator' type.

SICAM A8000 - Standard Active Support

Tenable.ot now actively extracts the device name, family, model, type, firmware version, hardware version, plant and region of SICAM A8000 RTUs.

Licensing - Aging Out IP Addresses

IP addresses can now be aged out after 30 days if they are not seen as active in connection to a specific interface. Once aged out, the IP address won't be counted against the licensed assets count.

API Freeze

The Tenable.ot GraphQL based API is from now on the official publicly available external API.

Showing the Size of a Backup File

Users can now see the size of the created system backup file, in the system settings tab.

Bug Fixes

Bug Fix
SNMP V2 queries were not triggered as part of the SNMP queries if the SNMP V3 configuration was set.
The user was able to delete all monitored networks, causing the system not to start.
After migrating a non-Tenable Core system to a Tenable Core + Tenable.ot system, DBs were fully deleted.
Eng station was appearing as part of S7 controller backplane.
DNS name of an asset that resided on a backplane affected all other backplane's assets' DNS names.
Upon completion of the setup wizard, redirection was done immediately to the login page, instead of the restarting page.

Integrated Tenable Product Compatibility

The following table lists the Tenable product versions tested with this version of Tenable.ot.

Product Tested Version(s)
Tenable.sc 5.11 and later
Nessus 8.10.1 and later