Tenable.ot 3.12.24 (3.12 SP2 / Log4Shell) Release Notes (2021-12-21)

If you are running these Tenable.ot versions or later, you can upgrade directly to version 3.12.24.

You can download the Tenable.ot update files from https://indegy.sharefile.com/d-s863d0cf2684a4f4481d463151b812eb0.

New Features

Tenable.ot version 3.12.24 contains the following new features:

New Scan for Log4Shell Vulnerability Identification

Tenable.ot allows you to perform a scan of your inventory to identify vulnerable devices related to the recently disclosed Apache Log4jShell vulnerability (CVE-2021-44228). Tenable.ot based this feature on the Nessus plugins which became available to address this vulnerability.

You can launch this scan manually and have full control over which assets to scan.

New Suricata Signatures to Detect Log4Shell Vulnerability

The new signatures allow Tenable.ot to flag exploration attempts on the Log4Shell vulnerability.

Integrated Tenable Product Compatibility

The following table lists the Tenable product versions tested with Tenable.ot 3.12.24.

Product Tested Version(s)
Tenable.sc 5.11 and later
Nessus 8.10.1 and later