Tenable.ot 3.7.22 Release Notes (2020-09-14)

To download Tenable.ot upgrade files, see: https://tenable-ot.sharefile.com/d-s9366b39d2974a06b.

For a list of previous versions that are possible to perform a direct upgrade from, see: https://tenable-ot.sharefile.com/d-seef9789fa134f489.

New Features

Basic Active Support

  • Andritz Thyne, Lenze IO, MVK Metal IO, Eaton Power Xpert, Ocean Controls KTA, Sick, Comet, Silex Technology and other IOT devices.

Bug Fixes

Bug Fix
Missing Sync Now on Tenable.io and Tenable.sc Integrations
Adding Nessus Scan Results to Tenable.io and Tenable.sc Integration
Fix Issue with Split Ports
Fix Issue of limited option to Copy & Paste from Grids
Fix CVE Matching for Yokogawa https://us-cert.cisa.gov/ics/advisories/icsa-20-224-01
Enable special characters for SMTP password
Fix setting date and time manually, the time sent should be in UTC (time configured - timezone)
Fix user unable to delete DNS server after it was entered
Fix run now should be disabled when no CIDRs are entered
Fix user allow to send empty SNMP V3 form
Fix Network Summary default time value was browser GMT without calculating time zone

API Changelog

For more information about the API changes for this release, see the Tenable.ot API Changelog.

Filenames and MD5 Checksums

File MD5
cobex_3.7.22.tar.xz.gpg a2fa4e66b0916748aa5e0ef4b2a4a010

Integrated Tenable Product Compatibility

The following table lists the Tenable product versions tested with this version of Tenable.ot.

Product Tested Version(s)
Tenable.sc 5.11 and later
Nessus 8.10.1 and later